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inspired, plant-based cuisine

well.fed. The double meaning in our name is no accident, because being healthfully and properly fed contributes so importantly to being well in both body and spirit.

We specialize in plant-based cuisine because it is good for us—and the planet. Serving the California Bay Area, we emphasize fresh, seasonal, local ingredients that work in harmony, allowing the best qualities of each to shine.

Whether we are cooking for 2 or 200, it is our goal to give you the gift of well-being through the art of feeding you well.

plant-based cuisine by alicia smiley
well.fed. plant-based cuisine


custom meal services

This is ideal for everyone from the newly vegan to busy parents and professionals who want quality meals that are ready to serve on a moment’s notice.

We first gather a complete profile of you and your family, then create a meal plan tailored to your needs and dietary issues—from gluten, soy, or oil-free to vegan. We do all the shopping, then do the prep, assembly and clean-up in your home, leaving you detailed instructions for the final steps.

We also offer a mise-en-place service if you love to cook but need the shopping and prep done in advance.


We do food preparation for everything from intimate dinners to 200-guest weddings. We will work with you to develop a custom seasonal menu, and work with your event planner to make sure the food and décor work beautifully together.

We provide kitchen and wait staff, as well as equipment rentals and bartenders.

cooking classes

Cooking classes are a wonderful way to get together with friends. We provide all the ingredients and wine pairings, and, using your kitchen, take you and your friends through either the steps to create a beautiful plant-based meal, from appetizers through dessert, or focus on a specialty such as baked goods.

menu consultation

Restaurateurs, be ahead of the curve as more people turn to plant-based diets. We can help you build your customer base by working with you and your kitchen staff to create quality, seasonal, vegan dishes to add to your menu.

well.fed. plant-based cuisine by alicia smiley
well.fed. plant-based cuisine

about alicia

For as long as I can remember, preparing and sharing food has been my language of love.

Having grown up watching my mother and aunt in their kitchens, I picked up my first cookbook at the age of 11 and I’ve been nurturing through cooking ever since—preparing meals for family, catering lunches for my high school classmates and feeding my roommates in college.

I graduated with a certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts from The Culinary Institute of America, Greystone, in 1998, and spent the next several years in the kitchens of Boulevard, Bix, and 231 Ellsworth before becoming a private chef and caterer to better pursue my passion for vegan cooking.

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well.fed. inspired, plant-based cuisine



I have been lucky enough to work with well.fed. several times. Chef Alicia recently catered a holiday party for me and the food was amazing. She made vegan dishes that even my carnivore family loved. I have used her more decadent treats as thank you gifts for my clients and received raves back from everyone who tries them (I didn’t even tell anyone they were all vegan!). I have been working with Alicia to cater my wedding this summer. She is full of very helpful ideas and very open to my input about the menu. Alicia has been great working within our budget and finding creative solutions as challenges have arisen. Her creations are always as beautiful as they are delicious so I am very excited to have her a part of our very important day.


My husband and I don’t cook. And we eat out a lot. We have good intentions, but haven’t quite crafted a lifestyle that involves regular grocery shopping and cooking our meals. So here’s Well.Fed. to the rescue! We order prepared meals from Alicia every other week, and I’m always excited the day Alicia comes with her bounty of fresh, carefully prepared meals. We get a few nights worth of meals for the two of us, with leftovers for some lunches and additional dinners. I’m impressed with how little direction we give Alicia, and yet she’s able to come up with fun, varied, and interesting meals that always taste wonderful. She also makes them easy to heat up, and they can last a week or more in the fridge depending on the meal. We would probably order meals from Alicia every week if we could afford it—but we feel pretty lucky to be able to enjoy her cooking at all!


Alicia’s delicious food is light, flavorful, and beautifully prepared. It’s like having your own chef or your favorite restaurant right at home.


I hired Ms. Smiley to provide meals while I was recuperating from surgery. She thoughtfully crafted meals that were to my liking, considering seasonality of ingredients, dietary preferences, vitamins/mineral enhancements to aid with my recovery, and tastes. I appreciated that while my prep work was minimal, the meals were incredibly sophisticated. She’s the consummate professional, offering an amazing breadth and depth of culinary knowledge. Her food is clearly made with love. I’m so very happy that I had the opportunity to experience her services.


Alicia Smiley’s food has been the toast of several events which I was fortunate enough to attend. All of Alicia’s food was superb; everything she served was delicious and inventive and was appealingly displayed. She made heavenly, luscious desserts, and you could tell that much love and thought was put into everything she prepared.

testimonials about well.fed.
well.fed. plant-based cuisine


Please call or email for pricing, general inquiries, or to book a consultation.
In the meantime, be well, and be fed.


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